Apr 26

How to do your own PR with Polly Robinson

26th April, 2023

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About the webinar

PR is an essential tool to get support from the public (i.e., consumers, employees, shareholders, society and the media) its' objective is to improve the image of the organisation.

This webinar is meant to be interactive so you will get the basics of PR and the tools to start implementing it in your business.


  • What is PR?

  • Overview of the media

  • What makes news?

  • How to write a press release?

  • How to build relationships with journalists?

  • How to maximise the PR you receive?

After the workshop you will have:

  1. Ideas for how to get your brand and product into the media

  2. A template press release

  3. Tips on how to approach journalists

  4. Recommended tools to make your life easier

Get to know Polly

Polly Robinson is a communication and PR expert who specialises in helping food & drink brands tell their stories, raise awareness and build a presence in the media.

Polly has led PR campaigns for a wide range of established and start-up food & drink businesses including Aspall, Hillfarm Oils, Hodmedod, Binary Botanical Beer, Small Giants, Parson’s Nose butchers, The Cookaway and Blushing Cook securing product reviews in the national lifestyle press, business features in the trade press and opinion pieces in the national newspapers and broadcast.

She is currently running a PR campaign for the Broadland Food Innovation Project.

Polly Robinson